Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings in Levelland, TX 

The Restorative Dental Solution to Address Cavities and Other Dental Problems 

If you have cavities, chips, or cracks in your teeth, you may be a good candidate for a dental filling. This type of restorative dentistry is typically the answer to treat tooth decay. Dental fillings made be made of a variety of materials, such as porcelain or composite resin. Gone are the days of amalgam (metal) fillings where it would be obvious you had dental work. Today, dental fillings are color-matched with a custom shade to your natural teeth. Gr8 Smiles provides high-quality dental fillings that look, feel, and function just like the other teeth in your mouth. 

Want to book a consultation at Gr8 Smiles? Contact our team at (806) 216-4800 to schedule a dental exam and checkup. 

The Process of Getting a Dental Filling 

When you come to Gr8 Smiles for a dental filling, first, we want to ensure you are comfort and ease any nerves you may feel. Once you are ready, we will give you a numbing medication so you feel no pain during the process. Then we isolate the tooth to be treated so it stays dry and away from your saliva. The decay will be carefully removed before a bonding agent is applied with composite resin and hardened using a special dental light. The resin is then shaped so it looks just like a natural tooth before it is smoothed and polished. 

If your decay or damage is too extensive for fillings to be a worthwhile solution for your condition, our dentist may recommend a root canal or extraction, instead. These treatments are followed up with dental crown placement or a dental implant that includes a dental crown. We can determine which treatment is best for you and thoroughly explain what to expect at your appointment. 

If you need a comprehensive dental exam or cleaning, or perhaps restorative dentistry, contact Gr8 Smiles by calling (806) 216-4800 now. We accept a limited number of last-minute appointments for emergencies, as well as walk-ins. 

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